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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 8, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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two americans on their way back to the u.s. after being freed. more on their mission. and mourning at the san francisco zoo. just a tragic story. the youngest gorilla dies unexpectedly. the accident that has animal lovers wondering exactly what happened. good evening to you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. she captured the hearts of animal lovers. kabibi was one of few gorillas born in captivity and now the san francisco zoo is moirning her death. christie smith live at the zoo, and you just talked to some people who were at the zoo. >> reporter: yeah, they were stunned and saddened to get the news. but as you said, the san francisco zoo is in mourning tonight after a tragic accident. they did release a statement saying that zoo staff was carrying out their standard routine. this actually happened on friday night when they move animals into their night quarters. that's when they say a female
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lowland western gorilla named kabibe unexpectedly dashed under a hydraulic door that was closing at the time. they say this is particularly tough for the primate staff who provided round-the-clock care until she was six months old. she was born july of last year and the public actually helped name her. kabibe means little lady in swoo hooeli. she brought great joy not just to the gorilla troupe but to the public and her keepers. today visitors leaving the zoo were satened by the news. >> a friend told us. they texted us and told us a baby gorilla had passed away. we thought, aw. >> that's horrible. we just came like randomly today. >> we didn't hear anything. scl yea >> yeah, we didn't hear anything. we came around 3:00. we kind of just rushed through to see the animals. but we just saw one gorilla.
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>> reporter: the zoo did release a statement saying in part that some animal deaths are more difficult to process than others and this tragedy has struck us all in the deepest way imaginable. they also saylp they're investigating how and why this happened. and will review policies and procedures and training in the days ahead to see if any changes are warranted. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. and 75,000 ballots still uncounted today. santa clara county voting officials say they will be tallied by tomorrow. this could mean we could finally have an official winner in the san jose mayor's race. right now tallied votes show sam liccardo has a two-point lead over dave cortese who has refused to concede. officials say they underestimated how many people would mail in their vote.
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their estimate was off by 30,000. >> receiving about 150,000 on one day has definitely caused an increase in the time it takes to process them. >> the registrar's office is now asking for an independent investigation after reports that votes were lost due to problems with the county's computers. also being looked into, the county's i.t. manager, who abruptly resigned right before the election. we broke that story on thursday. we are following a developing story. the last two americans held by north korea are finally free. they're flying back to the west coast right now. nbc bay area's marianne favreau joining us with the details. marianne, this was unexpected. >> reporter: it certainly was. and right now both men are on the final leg of their journey home. 46-year-old kenneth bae of seattle had been held for nearly two years in north korea. he was sentenced to 15 years hard labor, and his health was failing.
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25-year-old matthew todd miller was also in the country for seven months. he was from bakersfield and he was held there after ripping up his entrance visa. both men were forced to work eight hours of hard labor a day. today president obama reacted to news the two men had been r released. >> very grateful for their safety return. >> reporter: the swedish government reportedly was involved in negotiating the release of the two men. today we talked to thomas hendrickson, senior fellow at the hoover institution at stanford university, about the timing 69 release. -6. >> they do release people when they really sort of milk all the good out of it they can get. and also, they can get the intelligence chief, clapper, to make a trip to north korea. so that also makes the government look good in the eyes of the people, that america's coming and sending a is up plikant, someone begging for the release.
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>> o'bbama administration officials say the timing of the
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that starts january 10th. >> a faster and more reliable bus line is come dog the east bay. the just announced 9 1/2-mile route will come between oakland and the san leandro b.a.r.t. station. it will be called the bus rapid transit line or brt, i guess you could call that bert. b.a.r.t. and bert. u.s. department of transportation is funding the new line with $81 million worth of grant money. the line's expected to be up and running in 2017 at which time you'll be able to take brt to
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b.a.r.t. >> nice. hundreds of people in napa still without water tonight, this after a water main break this morning. people on the east side of browns valley road could be without water for the rest of the night. crews are on scene trying to fix the problem. city officials are planning to set up a water station if running water isn't back up and soon. an nbc bay area follow-up. now they're demanding higher standards when it comes to treating patients infected with ebola. so 18,000 nurses are planning a two-day strike next week. the california association nurses union strike will begin next tuesday. it will affect 56 kaiser hospitals and clinics all across california. kaiser is failing to adopt optimal protections against the ebola virus. kaiser denies that. it says that all its facilities in northern california will remain open during the strike. meanwhile, a nurse who fought an ebola quarantine that is in maine is now enjoying the great outdoors today. there she is on her bicycle.
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she made a big decision about her next steps. kaci hickox's boyfriend said they'll be leaving maine soon after her 21-day quarantine is over on monday. the governor wanted to impose a mandatory quarantine on hickox when she returned from africa. hickox has shown no signs of the deadly virus. >> a lot of people monitoring her health right there. >> a lot of people there, especially when she's on her bike, my goodness. the forecast, gorgeous day out there everywhere in the bay area. san francisco on your left. san jose on your right. doesn't matter where you go this evening, it is just fantastic. but always have to have this dramatic thing at the end. >> but -- >> there's a warning for tomorrow. rob mayeda to tell us what that warning is. >> all the warm temperatures we saw today comes with a price in the form of air quality issues. right now still near 70 degrees in san francisco and palo alto.
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a strong high pressure building in, offshore winds. sonoma also 83 degrees. look at san francisco, 76. 80 in livermore and morgan hill. that warm sinking air aloft in the hilltops above, cold air trapped below. it acts like an invisible lid over the bay area. enough so that we don't have enough wind to push it out of the bay area. tonight our first wintertime spare the air alert for no-burn night around the bay area. the worst of the smoke pollution will be up around the north bay, then we have to wait for this high pressure cell to weaken and move on. we could use wind and a little more rain. the forecast does include that. improving air quality, cooling temperatures later this week and yes, some rain chances back in seven-day forecast. a look at the timing on that in the full micro climate forecast. coming up next at 6:00, president obama once again trying to make history. who he has chosen for the
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country's chief law enforcement position. >> plus after virgin galactic's spaceship crashed last week, a lot of people going up in one of those for real want their money back. they're not interested in doing this any more. why ripped branson says he's not worried about the future of space tourism.
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tonight we're getting new photos of the suspects believed
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to be involved in several apple burglar es. burling game police just released these photos of two men and two women who they think are connected to the crimes. recent apple stores in burling game, stanford and hillsdale are the sites of the break-ins. if you have information you're asked to contact the burling game police. new at 6:00, they want their money back. virgin galactic admits customers are asking for refunds. this is first time any of the so-called space tourists have pulled out of the customer. 24 customers. only 24 out of 800 have asked refunds. some have questions about safety following what you are looking at, a deadly crash over the mojave desert last week. before the accident richard branson said first space tourism flights would begin in the spring of next year. each ticket costs a quarter of a million dollars. >> my goodness. it is now official, president obama has named his pick for the next u.s. attorney and she has
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one heck of a resume. loretta lynch currently heads the u.s. attorney's office for the eastern district of new york, 30 years of courtroom experience. she's known for prosecuting corruption, gang activity, police misconduct and terrorism cases. >> i pledge today to you and to the american people that if i have the honor of being qui ini confirmed by the senate, i'll wake up every morning with the protection of the american people my first thought. >> if confirmed lynch will become the first black woman to ever lead the department of justice. she would take over for eric holder who announced in september that he was stepping down. coming up next thanksgiving coming up soon and that means turkey, football and a parade. >> that's right. the preparations going on today along with more on the new floats that you'll be see along the parade route. and we're seeing clear skies right now. temperatures around the bay area still near 70 degrees. and we'll see highs again tomorrow soaring close to 80, but we also have finally a chance of rain showing up at that seven-day forecast.
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♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance?
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me too... we're practically twins! here we go. six new giant balloons are set to make their debut at this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade and they took a test flight today, pikachu. i saw pikachu there. their first flight including the red power ranger. there's paddington bear and thomas the tank engine. this is the largest number of balloons ever to be added to the parade. it's getting bigger and bigger. the 88th annual parade will begin at 8:00 a.m. on thanksgiving day, but i can't remember which network carries it. >> you can say right here nbc bay area. the whole parade start to
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finish. people tune in when you're cooking, making that thanksgiving dinner or like me defrosting the turkey that you forgot to. >> let's check in with rob mayeda right now. he's making plans for an almost summer-like weekend. >> record breaking warm for oakland earlier, and look at san francisco right now. fog-free. a high earlier today of about 76 degrees. you can see the temperatures around the bay area quite warm, san carlos 72 right now. if you look at the difference between 24 hours ago you see the difference that these offshore winds have made today. about ten degrees warmer right now. and that trend continues all the way out to the coast as the wind direction changed. yesterday morning we had a lot of fog and some patchy dense fog in spots. but this morning drier air heading out to the seashore helped to push these low clouds away. a patch or two of dense fog. you notice that pacifica socked
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in yesterday, not the case today. but the winds off shore, 73 briefly this afternoon with high clouds passing by. the same thing tomorrow with a little catch, onshore winds bringing clouds close to pillar point. another warm day for those valleys inland. highs in the upper 70s. probably close to 80 again for morgan hill and 77 in san jose. low 70s in san francisco, for the north bay upper 70s and the trivalley highs tomorrow in the low 80s. but we'll begin to see changes for the week ahead. some helped triggered by this massive storm in the bering sea. it did hit a record low. the strongest since 1977. redirecting really the flow of the jet stream over the next few days, one that if you have friends and families they'll deal with this arctic air. highs in the 30s and 40s on the east coast.
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different story here in the west coast. we'll stay warm through at least about wednesday until this ridge breaks down enough to let us see some rain. you see on the future cast, more clouds coming in, we'll start to see that chance of a few showers. but the north bay and these rain totals not all that impressive. most of it falling before you wake up thursday morning. about a tenth of an inch there. the five-day trend, it will begin to cool off. late wednesday to thursday. you'll see showers. livermore maybe early morning showers there. thursday, cooler temperatures looking more like november for the second half of the week. but not much rain we think with that system coming in. the main effect taking your highs from the 80s to the mid to upper 60s. this seems to be the one point in the next week that we'll see a chance of showers. >> looking like those incredible temperatures there. >> yeah. >> thank you so much, rob. coming up starry starry fight over one of the oldest
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observatories in the world. the students and professors who are celebrating a mplan to keep it open.
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uc students and professors celebrating a big win over the future of lick observatory. a rally today after uc leaders backed off on their plan to privatize the site. a professor who taught students at the site spearheaded that movement with a petition. gaining thousands of signatures by concerned students. >> this uc public system is not for profit. it's for the right for students to learn what they really want to discover and understand about their society. >> now, the observatory will continue to be funded and operated by university of california observatories, up to 2019, then it will be used for student education. niners fans hit the levi's field today to train just like
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an nfl pro. 5,000 fans taking part in today's 4.9-k stadium run and challenge course. participants got to do the same kind of drills the pros do. this meant sprint, drilled through padded gauntlets and don't forget running into the end zone with a football. there's the quantitilet. participants got a t-shirt and a medal and 17 were signed by the 49ers for tomorrow's game. >> i knew i should have gone. they want to motivate fans to get off the couch and have a good time at the same time. >> somebody who is always into the action, the great kate scott. >> the great kate scott. >> yes, she is. >> it's going well. this is the perfect transition because we're talking niners who after losing to the rams are in new orleans tomorrow for what a lot of folks are calling a must-win game. drew brees and the saints have won 11 straight at the superdome. colin kaepernick and company haven't won since the middle of october. we'll preview the showdown coming up next.
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line backers unlikely to play tomorrow, chase thomas appears set to make his nfl debut. the linebacker went undrafted in 2014 after signing with the saints. he lasted just two preseason games. now with the 49ers he'll use that as extra motivation on sunday. banks and robinson will not play. we're in new orleans with more on that saints run game.
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>> drew brees is certainly the face of the saints' prolific offense and with good reason but brees' success is tied to running back mark ingraham, the 2011 first round draft pick missed two games with hand injuries. but his touchdowns rank amok the most in the nfc including three over just the last two games. >> what has mark ingraham done to increase his production this year? >> they're a very balanced faeps. they do a great job of running and throwing. and they run the ball a lot more than people realize. they're seventh in the league in rushing yards and second in yards per carry. they're doing a good job blocking and he's doing a good job running. because of the mix of their offense run and pass, it's hard to lean one way heavier and they've been doing a good job taking advantage of that. they've run the ball extremely well. >> they've been playing good football, running plays
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defensively and making plays offensively. >> what makes them tough at home? >> they're a good football team. they're going to be tough anywhere, playing in the dome is always a little harder. >> as we said, we're preparing, you know, the only thing that matters to us is this ball game. it's no secret the 49ers need to get their run game going against the saints on sunday. especially on those early downs to help bolster their own passing game. the 49ers have not had a rushing touchdown over their last five games. the first time that's happened in the jim harbaugh era. at the superdome in new orleans, mindy bach. >> we go to where notre dame beat arizona state for a top ten showdown that almost didn't happen. a little over a year nafl ago the irish tried to back out of this one. the sun devils wouldn't let them. and it paid off. both squads 7-1 coming into the
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game. second quarter sun devils up when goalson's pass will wee picked off by randall. 60 yards later, lead by arizona state. but irish would mount a comeback. mcdaniel getting the handoff to cut the lead to 10. next irish possession golson would find a wide open carlisle. how does this happen, huh? just like that a 3-point game but that's as close as notre dame would get. on the ensuing drive, right side rz state rolls past the irish for the 55-31 win. the annual world twing ekie eat championship. joey chestnut hurt his foot prior to the contest and his ego took a hit by competition and stony upsets the defending champ. he ate the equivalent of 14 days of your daily recommended sat yur aid fat intake.
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he downed in all in six minutes. watching that, i'm going to say that i don't know if i'm going to eat another twinkie probably for another few more years. >> i don't think they will be either. >> i don't any of us will be eating dinner for the next two or three hours. >> a colossal stomachache. after that they should do the levi's stadium run we had today. >> run it several times. >> we did have temperatures in the 70s and 80s. we'll have a warm finish to the weekend, some cooling and showers in north bay. >> looks good. >> thanks for watching nbc bay area news. you're watching an nbc bay area news special. "reality check." >> cut. >> cut. >> a cut. >> make a cut. >> concerns over an ebola outbreak here in the u.s. with the government's budget slashed the last few years, do the feds have enough money to
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protect america from the virus? we look at the claim. plus -- >> if the best evidence is that you lose -- if you use marijuana as a teenager regularly, eight iq points. >> does smoking pot really hurt your brain? we weed through the research to answer the long-asked question. >> we're a fan of providing the best value at the best price point we possibly can. uber and other ride sharing services are giving taxis a run for their money. but is hailing a ride from a tech company actually cheaper? plus -- >> domestic violence and sexual assault have no place in the nfl. >> has the media kicked off a crisis? we run through the numbers. and finally -- >> the golden gate bridge is the most common place for someone to take their life in the western hemisphere. >> will a suicide barrier at the iconic bridge actually help prevent suicides elsewhere in the bay area? we explore the possibility. here's tonight's edition o


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